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Quality printing

We are keen to produce books with luxurious printing, and we offer our authors several materials, sizes and formats according to all types of literary, non-literary and picture books.

Advertising and marketing

We are committed to accompanying our authors and publicizing them and their works published with us according to modern means, whether digital or actual, such as signing events, book fairs and cultural events.

Wide Distrubition

We guarantee the availability of our publications through an extensive network of Algerian libraries. We also provide distribution in several countries outside the arab world, as well as delivery service to anywhere in the world.

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تراتيل روح
أنا لون السلام

Authors Are Talking:

"A reputable publishing house and treatment with authors, especially new ones. I salute their hard and hard work."

— Mohammed El Amine Mohammedi
Author & Graphic Designer
“It is a publishing house that was not built out of nowhere, but it arose after many cultural projects and years of experience for its staff in the field of culture, so for me it is an ancient publishing house, I have dealt with its founders before, in short, they are people who know what they do well!”

— Dirao Detcidda
“Dar Al Kafi for Publishing and Distribution is one of the few houses that are interested in the matter of literature and writers..”

— Aymen Bourebala
Author & Journalist

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